M dot Strange Ultimate Trilogy

M dot Strange Ultimate Trilogy

I am Nightmare Deluxe Edition + M dot's two other films all in 1080p!

This package includes:

I am Nightmare Deluxe Edition (2014)
Heart String Marionette Directors Cut (2012)
We Are The Strange (2007)

Over 11 hours of strange content!

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M dot Strange Ultimate Trilogy

11 Videos

  • I am Nightmare

    In a sleepy little town that never changes five foster kids discover a secret they weren't supposed to uncover. Now that they know the secret, nightmares come to life devouring everyone in sight!

    The newest animated feature film by indie animator M dot Strange is here!

    Starring: Brizzy Voic...

  • Lets watch I am Nightmare!

    Watch I am Nightmare with its creator M dot Strange and production assistant Rakel Musicbox.

    Video commentary with tons of information about the film you can't get anywhere else.

  • Jazz Walker: Voice actor interview

    Meet Jazz Walker- the voice of Bog, Mack, Flan, Bore, and the Advisor in this interview.

  • Ricky Grove: Voice actor interview

    Meet Ricky Grove- the voice of Mayor Tom and Thug 3 in this interview.

  • Damon Barry: Voice actor interview

    Meet Damon barry- the voice of the BossMan in this interview.

  • Jimmy Screamerclauz: Voice Actor Interview

    Meet Jimmy Screamerclauz- the voice of the Nightmares in this interview.

  • Making the music of I am Nightmare

    M dot Strange and Mad Dashiell Johnson discuss how they made the original music for I am Nightmare.

    M dot shows you exactly how he makes his music with a screen capture walkthrough of his process.

  • Peek inside the CG world of I am Nightmare

    M dot Strange gives you a tour of the 3d characters and sets that were used to create I am Nightmare.

  • Behind the scenes bits

    Screen tests
    Deleted Shots
    Test Shots
    End credits animation

  • Heart String Marionette Directors Cut

    An alternate cut of the film that has a different ending and entirely different soundtrack by M dot Strange.

  • We Are The Strange

    M dot Strange's 2007 Sundance selection cult classic animated film "We Are The Strange" in 1080p for your strange viewing pleasure.

    All they wanted was ice cream... all they found was a bad dream.

    Starring: David Choe, Stuart Mahoney, M dot Strange

    Winner of the golden prize for most gr...