• I am Nightmare Deluxe Edition

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    I am Nightmare in 1080p with all the extras!


    Lets Watch I am Nightmare w/M dot Strange
    Voice actor interviews
    Making the music of I am Nightmare
    Peek inside the cg world of I am Nightmare
    Behind the scene bits

    4.5 hours of bonus content!

  • M dot Strange Ultimate Trilogy

    11 videos  |  Buy $99.99

    I am Nightmare Deluxe Edition + M dot's two other films all in 1080p!

    This package includes:

    I am Nightmare Deluxe Edition (2014)
    Heart String Marionette Directors Cut (2012)
    We Are The Strange (2007)

    Over 11 hours of strange content!

  • Heart String Marionette 1080p

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    A small child is trapped in a box. A masked samurai comes to save him and defeat the evil clown that locked him up there.

    Starring: JP Anderson, Ricky Grove, Jimmy Urine, Asil Aceves

    You will dieā€¦ inside.

    This is the directors cut with music by M dot Strange.

    122 minutes w/Subs in sev...

  • We Are The Strange 1080p

    1 video  |  Buy $9.99

    M dot Strange's 2007 Sundance selection cult classic animated film "We Are The Strange" in 1080p for your strange viewing pleasure.

    All they wanted was ice cream... all they found was a bad dream.

    Starring: David Choe, Stuart Mahoney, M dot Strange

    Winner of the golden prize for most gr...

  • I am Nightmare 1080p

    1 video  |  Buy $9.99

    In a sleepy little town that never changes five foster kids discover a secret they weren't supposed to uncover. Now that they know the secret, nightmares come to life devouring everyone in sight!

    The newest animated feature film by indie animator M dot Strange is here!

    Starring: Brizzy Voic...